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What We Don't Do

We don't collect personal information from our visitors. None of the data entered into our calculators is retained, we don't use mailing lists, we don't have a registration system or a forum for comments.


What We Do

This site uses cookies, including third-party cookies, to support essential site functionality. For example, a temporary cookie might be used to track the data you entered into a calculator so that a calculation can be performed at the end of a series of steps.

Our advertising publishing partner is PubGalaxy. They manage all the advertising on this web site, and collect data for advert personalization and measurement (though we do not serve personalized adverts to EEA visitors). You can view their privacy policy here, within which you will find details of their IAB approved partners.

We also use Google Adsense to serve a single link ad unit on most pages. You can see how Google uses cookies here. Adsense collects data and uses cookies for advert personalization and measurement. We do not show personalized adverts to EEA visitors, but cookies are still used in this case to guard against click fraud, to track clicks, and so on.

This site is good if you want to learn about cookies more generally, and you can learn how to control and disable cookies, including those set by this site, here.


Your Consent

If you use this website, then you consent to our use of cookies, as specified above. To withdraw consent, you just need not to visit the site. You can delete all trace of the website from your life, simply by deleting your web browser cookies.

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