How to Cite this Web Site

You are welcome to use our calculators, including screenshots if necessary, in your work. However, please note the terms of our standard disclaimer before doing so.

APA style

The format is: Name of Calculator. (Year, Month Day). Retrieved from [URL].

For example: Chi-Square Test Calculator. (2018, November 13). Retrieved from

For in text citations you can shorten to: (Website Name, Year). For example, (Social Science Statistics, 2018).


Chicago Style

The format is: Website Owner. Name of Calculator. Website Name. URL (accessed date).

For example: Jeremy Stangroom. Chi-Square Test Calculator. Social Science Statistics. (accessed November 13, 2018).


MLA Style

The format is: "Name of Calculator". Website Name, Publisher Name, URL.

For example, Chi-Square Test Calculator. Social Science Statistics, Jeremy Stangroom,

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