Mean, Median and Mode Calculator

The mean, median and mode are measures of central tendency, or, more colloquially, averages. They represent the central or typical values in a distribution.

To perform a calculation, enter your data values into the text box below, either one value per line or as a comma delimited list, and then press the calculate button.

One thing to note, if the calculator is unable to generate a distinct mode - for example, because all your values appear with the same frequency - it will return the lowest mode value.

Levels of Measurement

The default assumption of the calculator is that your data is either interval type or ratio type (and, accordingly, the calculator will generate values for the mean, median and mode). However, if you're working with ordinal data (i.e., rank order, which disallows the mean) or nominal data (i.e., categorical data, which disallows both mean and median), please indicate below. If you don't know what any of that means, just leave things as they are!

Please enter your values below.

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