P-Value from F-Ratio Calculator (ANOVA)

This should be self-explanatory, but just in case it's not: your F-ratio value goes in the F-ratio value box, you stick your degrees of freedom for the numerator (between-treatments) in the DF - numerator box, your degrees of freedom for the denominator (within-treatments) in the DF - denominator box, select your significance level, then press the "Calculate" button.

If you need to derive an f-ratio value from raw data, you can find an ANOVA calculator here.

F-ratio value:
DF - numerator:
DF - denominator:

Significance Level:

Enter your values above, then press "Calculate".

ANOVA Calculators

This site features a couple of different ANOVA calculators, and also their non-parametric equivalents, that you might find useful.

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