Point-Biserial Correlation Calculator

This calculator allows you to measure the correlation between two variables in the special circumstance that one of your variables is dichotomous - that is, that it has only two possible values, 1 or 0 for the purposes of this calculator.

For example, you might want to know whether shoe is size is associated a baby's ice cream consumption. Shoe size would be the continuous variable (X below), and ice cream consumption the dichotomous variable (Y below), where 0 means it has never been consumed and 1 means it has been consumed on at least one occasion.

To use this calculator, just enter the values for your continuous variable into the first textbox (X), either one score per line or as a comma delimited list, and the values for your dichotomous variable, 1 or 0, into the second box (Y). Then hit "Calculate", and the calculator will spit out the value for r, plus details of the calculation.

X (Continuous)
Y (Dichotomous)

No calculation has been performed yet.

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