Number Formatter: European to North American

This tool will transform numbers formatted in the European style (e.g., 2.123.456,365), or numbers without formatting (e.g., 2123456.365), into the standard North American style (e.g., 2,123,456.365).

It is very easy to use. Just paste your European style numbers into the Input box below, and hit the Change Format button.

There are just a couple of options you need to look out for.

First, this tool produces formatted output by default (i.e., 1000s will be separated by commas). To remove the formatting just select the no formatting option.

Second, if your 1000s are separated with spaces rather than points, you'll need to select the separators are spaces option.

The Tool

  No formatting (Output)
  Separators are spaces (Input)
Please enter your values into the Input box above, one score per line.
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