Rank Order Calculator

This rank order calculator is very easy to use. If you've got a single set of numbers that you want to rank in order, just stick them in the Set 1 box below, choose whether you want them ranked in Ascending or Descending order - ascending will give the highest ranks (i.e., where 1 is the highest possible rank) to the lowest numbers; descending is the other way around - and then press the Order My Data button.

The calculator will sort your scores, and generate ranks for the sorted list. It will also generate ranks for the scores in their original order (i.e., it will generate unsorted ranks).

More than one set of scores?

It's possible you have more than one set of scores, and you want to know how these scores would rank were they all combined together, while at the same time preserving the original groupings.

If so, just copy your scores for each set into a separate text box below (up to five sets), hit the Order My Data button, and the calculator will generate a combined sorted list of scores and ranks, but also ranking data for the unsorted scores in their original sets. (This sort of thing is required for many non-parametric statistical tests.)

Okay, that's it, just copy your data below, one score per line, choose whether you want your scores ranked in Ascending or Descending order, and hit the Order My Data Button.

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Set 2
Set 3
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Set 5
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